If your vision impedes your job performance and ability to carry out daily activities and prescription optics are no longer serving you, a cornea transplant may be an option for you. The ophthalmologists at Vistar Eye Center can treat vision issues resulting from thinning, scarring, clouding, or swelling of the cornea with surgery.

Full Thickness Transplant

This traditional cornea transplant replaces a small button-sized disc of corneal tissue with a donor cornea. The surgery replaces all five layers of the surgery in less than an hour, but recovery can take up to a year or more.

The DSEK Technique

A partial thickness transplant is often a better solution for patients seeking a less-invasive transplant solution. This technique only replaces the innermost membrane of your cornea’s five layers, taking less than an hour with a reduced recovery time of 1-2 months.

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