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Some Moments You Can't See Twice.

Trust the vision & surgery specialists to make sure you never miss a special moment in 2020.

Vision Care for Adults

Ocular health requires a two pronged approach: preventative care and opticals. Vistar Eye Centers can provide both. With routine and specialized eye care available at offices throughout Southwest Virginia, you have access to the best vision care around.

Vision Care for Aging Adults

As we age, clear vision and optic health play a key role in our overall health and independence. We offer specialty services that can help aging individuals maintain their vision and reduce the impact of age-related deterioration.

Pediatric Eye Care

We all have a vision for our child's future. Optimal sight plays a key role in early childhood development, both physically and mentally. The specialists at Vistar Eye Center are focused on providing the care your child needs for a bright future.

Find an Office Near You

To best serve our patients, we have conveniently located offices for general and specialty vision care throughout Southwest Virginia.

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* Vistar specialists offer medical and surgical consultations at these locations.