Cataract Care

Vistar Eye Center's cataract surgeons continually strive to offer you the highest quality and most advanced surgical techniques for this life-changing procedure.

Dr. Schoedel looking through a medical device during a patient procedure.
A diagram of the interior of the human eye

What is Cataract?

Cataracts are an opacity or clouding of the lens inside of the eye and occur as part of the normal aging process, as a result of injury, or from the use of certain drugs. This clouding limits an individuals ability to see clearly at short and long distances.

A doctor examining an eye through the camera of a medical device

Cataract Treatment Options

With cataracts, a change of glasses can sometimes help, but eventually, surgery is required to restore vision. If you're experiencing clouded vision or have been diagnosed with cataract, the experienced doctors at Vistar Eye Center can determine which cataract treatment is right for you.

A man standing in front of an eye chart and covering one eye.

Cataract Self Test

While cataract surgery can improve your vision, you still may need assistance with an eye prescription to see perfectly. Take the test to see if cataract surgery fits your goals.