Pediatric Vision Care

Good vision is essential to normal physical development and educational progress in growing children. Make sure your child isn't hindered by poor vision.

A woman helping a child wearing glasses with their schoolwork.
A baby having their eye's examined by a doctor.

Infant Eye Care

Infants between six months and one year of age should be screened for ocular health by a properly trained eye care professional as part of their routine wellness check-ups. The doctors are Vistar Children's Eye Center have special experience in examining infants.

A laughing child having their eye's examined by a doctor.

Toddler Eye Care

Examination of visual acuity, or clarity and sharpness of vision, should take place between the ages of 2 and 3 years of age. Once your child is able to cooperate for an exam, request an appointment at the Vistar Children's Eye Center.

A family selecting eyeglasses for their daughter.

Children's Eye Care

Most serious eye conditions are treatable if identified in the preschool and early school-aged years. Its important to continue screenings and exams as part of routine school health checks. The doctors at Vistar Children's Eye Care can help.

Pediatric Care

A child having their eye examined by an eye doctor

Vision Screening & Examinations

At Vistar, a comprehensive children's eye exam checks for equal and “normal vision” in both eyes. If one eye has better vision than the other, or the eyes are misaligned, a professional will determine whether glasses, patching, or surgery will solve the problem.

A doctor placing red eyeglasses on a child

Common Pediatric Vision Issues

Even children who appear to see well and have completely straight eyes may have significant visual problems. Explore common vision issues in children to know symptoms to look for in your child.

A man reading a book to a toddler.

Signs of Poor Vision

Many children don't know how to communicate difficulties with their vision, so many issues go left unchecked. Parents should know what symptoms to look for when concerned about their child's vision.

a smiling child in glasses playing on a playground

Eye Safety for Kids

Children are often described as "wide-eyed" and ready to explore the world on their own. Take precautions to make sure their eyes are protected from environmental dangers.