Cornea Care

The cornea is prone to considerable abuse from the outside world that can ultimately damage and distort its shape. Vistar Eye Center's talented surgeons can repair or replace your damaged cornea.

A doctor holding a model of the human eye

About Cornea Care

I diagram of the internal structure of the human eye

Types of Corneal Disease

As a result of the vulnerability of the cornea, there are several corneal diseases and disorders that can affect your vision. You can count on Vistar Eye Center’s cornea surgeons to work closely with you to discuss your individual needs and work through the best treatment options.

A closeup of an amber eye.

Cornea Transplant

At Vistar, two types of cornea transplants restore vision, reduce pain and improve the appearance of a damaged or diseased cornea. Both outpatient procedures are performed locally by Vistar doctors, using corneal tissue from a donor.

A practitioner performing the cross-linking procedure for Keratoconus.

Cross-Linking for Keratoconus

Keratoconus, often referred to as “KC,” is an eye condition that progressively weakens the cornea. This condition can cause a cone-like bulge and optical irregularity that can result in significant vision impairment over time. Our talented surgeons at Vistar now offer “Cross-Linking,” the first and only therapeutic outpatient procedure for those affected by Keratoconus.