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LASIK Surgery

A patient looking at a diagram of an eye with a doctor
a woman having her eye's examined by a doctor in preparation for lasik eye surgery

What Is LASIK?

LASIK is a surgical procedure that has helped millions of people see clearly without dependence on prescription glasses or contacts. This safe and effective procedure reshapes the cornea to improve your vision by using laser technology to open a thin corneal flap, reshape the inside of the cornea, and reposition for healing.

A doctor performing lasik eye surgery

iLASIK Technology

Vistar Eye Center leverages the latest LASIK technology to replace blade technology with a more efficient laser. Thanks to these major advancements, surgical side effects are minimal.

A smiling woman holding glasses

Candidates for LASIK

LASIK surgery is a great solution for individuals older than 18 and younger than 60 with good overall health who are looking to live a lifestyle free of glasses and contacts. The surgery can treat patients with astigmatism up to -5.00 cylinder, -10.00 myopia, and +3.00 hyperopia.

A woman holding glasses and speaking with a doctor

LASIK Self Evaluation

If you believe LASIK may be a good solution for your vision, take the test to make sure it's right for you.