Strabismus Testimonials

"I am so impressed by Dr. Facciani and the staff at Vistar. Everyone was very professional and also warm and friendly. I had strabismus surgery at age 2, but my right eye still turned in. It was something that always bothered me. I decided to do something about it. The first surgery didn't have the outcome we hoped for, but Dr. Facciani got me back into surgery quickly and the second surgery was a success. I moved 6 hours away in between the two surgeries and Dr. Facciani worked with me so I wouldn't have to travel so much. I am grateful for the care that I received. Maybe now I can look people in the eye."


PRK and LASIK Testimonials

“I have not been without glasses or contact lenses in over 30 years. Now after Dr. Facciani performed PRK, I am only in reading glasses and loving the differences. Due to my age and my prescription, I was not a good candidate for Lasik, but PRK was a fantastic alternative.”

Jen D
“I'm so happy with my LASIK and can't believe the difference between not wearing glasses or contacts. I just love it! I had monovision so I can see far away and close up.”

Debbie A

I’ve been waiting for LASIK for ten years. I’m so glad I was finally able to get it. Within minutes of my procedure, I knew I had made the best decision. Vistar was the best choice. Dr. Tims, Chelsea, and the rest of the staff were amazing and so accommodating. I’m very pleased with my results and will recommend Vistar to my friends and family.

Jay Kia Pappas

Other Patient Testimonials

“The attention I received during my first visit at Vistar was really special. The office staff was very professional and efficient. Their expertise was evident right away. Dr. Strelow conducted a comprehensive examination before referring me to his partners, Drs. Ramey and Facciani to further isolate and address the symptoms.”

Jim Lugar Read Jim's Full Story On Our Blog

“The initial appointments with all of the Vistar doctors were impressive. Our visits were all on time and they delved into the main issues quickly while spending the time necessary to really help my dad. We also received exceptional customer service, especially from Ursula and her assistant.”

John Lugar - Read Jim's Full Story On Our Blog

"When my husband had foreign bodies in his eye today (Saturday evening), Dr. Cotter was on call for Vistar and quickly offered to come in on a weekend evening to see my husband. Not only was he there waiting for us when we pulled in the parking lot and removed the foreign bodies quickly, but he also found an issue with my husband's eyes that hadn't been entirely diagnosed in the past. He was kind, never acted like it was an inconvenience to come in on the weekend, and has diagnosed a severe eye issue that we plan on following up with him in the very near future to address. He was a Godsend to us this weekend and we appreciate him so much!"

Christina - Carilion employee

"If it was not for the excellent care that Dr. Cotter gave me, I would possibly be blind. He has taken care of my eyes for several years. He is one of the finest Doctors in this area. I am so thankful for Vistar Eyecare. I would not consider letting anyone else take care of my eyes. Dr. Cotter is a very brilliant man."


"It has been difficult to ask for help, but as a Project Access client who is trying very diligently to get back up on her feet, I feel so thankful that there are doctors like you who are willing to give of themselves to help others."


"I have my glasses now – the world looks bright and beautiful. Thank you again for restoring my sight in my left eye after 14 months of blindness. And now, I thank you for the very successful lens implant in my right eye. I join all your elderly patients in expressing my appreciation for all your effort on our behalf."


"I cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Facciani and how professional and caring everyone was at Vistar. He is a great doctor and again I am grateful for all of his help and dedication in correcting my eye problem."


"In a world today where everyone is quick to complain about the services they receive, I think that excellent service also deserves to be recognized. Keep up the good work."