Types of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

“Wet” AMD┬ácauses the most serious vision loss. In this form of the disease, tiny unhealthy blood vessels grow under the retina, often breaking and leaking, causing loss of vision.

“Dry” AMD,┬áthe most common form, involves a breakdown of the retinal photoreceptors and progresses more slowly.


During a complete eye exam or a dilated eye exam, the eye doctor painlessly widens the pupil of the eye with eye drops to check for eye diseases such as AMD. We have the latest tools of angiography and OCT.

Treatment Options

The treatment of AMD has changed very rapidly over the past few years and new potential treatments continue to be developed and tested.


Medications and therapies have been developed to treat AMD. Through medicated eye injections or photodynamic therapy, vision can significantly improve.


Laser may be an option for some. This surgery uses a strong laser to destroy weaker blood vessels and slows or stops the growth of new ones. However, this surgery may leave permanent blind spots in a person’s vision.

At-Home Prevention & Management

Proper nutrition and vitamin supplements have been known to help prevent the onset and progression of AMD. In addition, lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, exercising, and eating well can also prevent AMD. Your eye doctor can help you explore these at-home strategies to protect your vision.