Vistar Eye Center only uses first quality lenses from the world’s largest manufacturers, Essilor and Zeiss. We pride ourselves on never using lower quality lens material, a problem with glasses ordered through the mail, over the Internet, and from some discounters. Lens coatings and treatments that can reduce glare, reduce scratching, and resist dirt are applied by the manufacturers under optimum conditions so that your lenses will perform at their best.

We begin with your prescription and your unique needs. Whether you read, play golf or baseball, sew, hunt, or spend time on the computer, our staff will be able to assist you with a lens selection that will help you see your best. Our trained and certified opticians will be sure that your eyeglasses are correctly sized and adjusted to the unique shape of your eyes and face. Adjustments and repairs are available at any of our offices when needed.

Vistar Eye Center and our lens manufacturers warranty our work. In the rare case of a problem with a lens, bring your eyeglasses back to your Vistar office. You simply cannot get this kind of service from an Internet mail order provider.

Essilor Lenses: A Lens Solution for Every Age

As the world's leading provider of eyeglass lenses, our number one priority at Essilor has always been you, our customer. In fact, we've been busy improving the way people see the world for over 160 years. At Essilor, whatever your age and whatever your visual requirements, we have the right lens solution for you

Crizal Transitions

TransitionsDiscover everyday protection and convenience with CRIZAL TRANSITIONS lenses! Produced by the leaders in ophthalmic and photochromic lenses, Crizal Transitions lenses provide you with the optimum vision solution. Perfectly clear indoors, they adapt spontaneously to changing light conditions, with a fast activation in the sun in less than 60 seconds.

Crizal Transitions lenses are 30% faster to fade back to their clear state and conveniently offer a great contrast perception though glare reduction in any light.