Your eyewear isn’t just an accessory; it’s a part of who you are. That’s why it’s so important to choose functional frames that mirror your personality and fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re an avid reader who likes to hike, a cooking enthusiast who’s a full-time mother, or a construction worker who enjoys painting – there’s a frame that’s perfect for you.


When someone talks to you, they consistently make eye contact – meaning your glasses are front and center. Just like your clothes, your car, and your job, your eyewear sends a message. Do your frames have a wild animal print or are they sleek and neutral in color? Do your lenses give nod to John Lennon’s iconic style or do they mimic Tom Cruise’s aviators? At Vistar Eye Center, we have the perfect pair to complete your image.

Available Eyeglass Brands at Vistar Eye


If names like Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, and Marc Jacobs are already in your closet, you’ll love the eyewear options at Vistar. Whether you’re looking for a classic style with a modern spin or a pair of glasses straight from the runway, we offer dozens of on-trend frames ready for you to choose from.


Your professional eyewear doesn’t have to be boring. Earn the respect of your associates and clients by choosing a pair of updated glasses that exude sophistication. Traditional colors like black, brown, gray, gold and silver are perfect for the office and work with nearly every frame style. If you’re a man who wants an edgier presence, go for frames in gunmetal. If you’re a woman who wants to stand out, try burgundy.


Don’t think that being older means your look has to be outdated. Forget the big round lenses you’re used to choosing from and browse through Vistar Eye Center’s wide array of up-to-date options. Consider black plastic frames or ones with color for a more youthful appearance. If bifocals (or trifocals) are what you need, try progressive lenses that eliminate the visible line across the lens.


Spending your free time biking down a mountain at high speeds? Playing basketball in the driveway with your kids? No matter how active your lifestyle, Vistar has eyewear that’s the perfect blend of functionality and style. Vistar offers shatter-proof and scratch resistant lenses that stand up to even the toughest playtime. To avoid having to switch to your sunglasses every time you step outdoors, try transitional lenses that automatically become tinted with sunlight.


Most people’s lives consist of a blend of lifestyles: Perhaps working during the day, reading at night, and enjoying the outdoors on the weekends. Just like you’d switch up your shoes between work and play – your eyewear can be swapped, too. With Vistar’s competitive prices, you can enjoy more than one pair of glasses to make sure your eyes are covered in every situation.

No matter your style or need, the physicians at Vistar Eye Center are prepared to make you look and see your best.