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Featured on Daytime Blue Ridge: Cataract Surgery in Virgina

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dr. Will Griffeth recently met with Daytime Blue Ridge to discuss cataracts, one of the most common eye conditions in the U.S.

Cataracts are formed over time, and often occur gradually, causing progressive vision loss as we age. Cataract surgery is used to remove the naturally occuring, clouded lens (cataract) from the eye. The procedure is usually undertaken when a patient reaches the point of being dissatisfied with their vision and a surgeon has deemed the surgery to be a viable option.

Vistar Eye Center uses advanced technology and techniques to ensure our patients receive the utmost care and experience the best vision outcomes possible for cataract surgery. We always ensure that we have discussed options that best suit the needs of our patients.

You can watch the segment with Daytime Blue Ridge to learn more about how Vistar Eye Center can offer cataract relief for friends and family! Contact us or call 540-855-5100 for more information.