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Vision Screening for Drivers in the State of Virginia

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The state of Virginia is committed to keeping our roads safe. When you obtain or renew your driver’s license, your eyesight will be evaluated.

For the test, you’ll be prompted to look into a machine and read lines of alpha-numeric text. The results of the screening will determine whether your eyesight (including peripheral vision) meets Virginia’s standards to safely operate a motor vehicle. If you fail this evaluation, you may be asked to see an eye care professional.

If you need glasses or contacts to pass the vision test, you must wear them while driving! There will be a notation on your license illustrating that you require the aid of glasses or contacts to drive. If you have received laser surgery since your last vision test at the Virginia DMV, there are special instructions on the website to reverse this notation.

Although the vision screening test at the DMV is similar to the test at your eye doctor’s office, it should not be considered a medical exam. More importantly, it’s not an indication of overall eye health, so be sure to visit your eye care professional on a regular basis.