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Makeup Tips for Gals Who Wear Glasses

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Celebrities, like actress Rashida Jones, have brought a new level of hip to eyewear, with glasses becoming every bit of a fashion statement as McQueen gowns and Betsey Johnson shoes. For women, the problem can be eye makeup. How much is too much?

At, makeup artist Nick Barose offers four simple tips to balance the presence of your glasses with the real you.

1) Use soft colors for eyeliner, rather than heavy or dark colors.

2) Since eyeglass lenses can accentuate mascara clumps, avoid volumizing mascara. Comb lashes to separate, and use lengthening mascara.

3) Use a light-reflective concealer under the eyes.

4) Thicker and dark frames, while popular, can "read masculine". Barose suggests using blush and lipstick in berry or melon shades for a feminine touch.