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Makeup Advice For Gals With Glasses: Part 1

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Wearing glasses is FABULOUS! Don’t hide behind your frames. Take advantage of this stylish accessory to showcase your beauty with statement makeup that complements your spectacles.

Here are some tips that will help enhance your features underneath those frames:

  1. Flaunt bold, bright lips. Find your perfect red, bright pink, or coral shade. A trip to the makeup counter will help determine the hue that best matches your skin tone. Bold colors also balance out the effect of thick-framed glasses.
  2. Wear eye color that compliments your frames. Use understated eye makeup if you have bold frames and colorful eye makeup if you have light frames.
  3. Define your eyes. Don’t shy away from mascara, and try using liquid eyeliner for a winged effect. Not sure how to do winged liner? Check out this tutorial.
  4. Conceal under-eye circles. Glasses draw attention to this area, so it’s important to make sure that you have a good concealer. Dab it on for more opaque coverage.
  5. Highlight. Use a bit of shimmer near your tear duct to highlight the area underneath your eyes. Only apply a subtle amount, otherwise you may look like an ice princess.

With those simple tricks, you’ll look so stylish that you’ll be the envy of those with 20/20 vision. Who knows? They may purchase fake lenses to join in on the trend! Want more makeup advice? Check back on the Vistar blog for part 2 of Makeup Advice for Gals With Glasses.