Meet Danielle Lombardo, Certified Retina Angiographer

Danielle Lombardo’s journey with Vistar Eye Center began almost a decade ago and it has been nothing short of rewarding! Danielle is a Certified Retina Angiographer, which means she has the opportunity to work closely with Vistar doctors to help diagnose our patients. Danielle is responsible for taking photographs of patients’ retinas to determine the state of their ocular health and spot any signs of eye diseases. Our doctors use these images to make a prognosis, meaning that Danielle’s role is vital to providing patients with the right treatments.

Providing Life-Changing Outcomes

Vistar Eye Center prides itself on having team members who are dedicated to providing life-changing outcomes for our patients. Having the chance to help people protect and restore their vision means the world to Danielle. But she shares that the fact she gets to do it with her Vistar teammates makes it even more meaningful. “I am surrounded by a fantastic group of people that are able to teach me and are able to help me if I need it,” Danielle says.

At Vistar Eye Center, we believe in investing in our employees and encouraging them to grow in their careers. Danielle mentions the opportunities to learn more about her field every day, “The doctors I work with every day are all phenomenal in fielding any questions I have, and I was strongly encouraged to earn my certification through Vistar.”

Our goal at Vistar Eye Center is to provide our patients with exceptional care, and we believe the best way to achieve that is to invite our staff to continue growing professionally. Danielle mentions, “The doctors are never too busy or too important to teach me, and I’ve found that to be essential in my success.”

More Than Just an Eye Center

Our mission at Vistar Eye Center is to preserve and restore patients’ vision, but it’s so much more than that. “We know that with good quality vision can also come good quality of life,” Danielle says. She goes on to say, “It’s essential to be able to read and to cook and to be independent, and these things are very valuable, if there’s something that we can do to preserve that for our patients of any age, we will do it.”

We’re so thankful to have incredible people like Danielle on board as she helps us change patients’ lives. Together, as a team, we make a difference. We always strive to welcome other dedicated individuals aboard to help us achieve our mission.

“If you’re thinking about joining Vistar and you don’t have any sort of optical background or ophthalmology background, that is okay. We can take you on, we will show you the ropes, we train you on how to refract, and take photos; we train you on patient care, anything that you would need to take care of our patients, Vistar Eye Center will teach you how to do that.”

Vistar Eye Center is currently recruiting for a number of positions at our locations across the Southwest Virginia area. If you’re interested in providing patients with best-in-class care, apply for a position today!