Contact Lens Staff

Cindy Shea works at the Botetourt office. She is a certified ophthalmic assistant and certified contact lens technician with over 31 yrs. experience in ophthalmology and fitting contact lenses. Cindy fits several modalities of contact lenses including specialty lenses such as multifocal, toric and scleral lenses. Cindy also has extensive experience with corneal refractive therapy.


Michelle Humphrey works in the Salem office. Michelle has over 25 years’ experience in
ophthalmology, including 4 years with a cornea specialist. She is a COA and NCLEC certified. Michelle fits multifocal contacts, soft and gas permeable contacts as well as medically necessary contact lenses for keratoconus, irregular corneas, post-surgical and scleral lens fitting.


Vickie Portis is a specialty contact lens technician with more than 40 years’ experience in
contact lens fitting and education. She specializes in fitting patients with irregular corneas such as those with keratoconus, corneal scars, and corneal transplant. She holds the designation of National Contact Lens Examiners Master in Contact Lens Technology and is a Fellow Member of the Contact Lens Society of America.

Toni Bowler works at the Botetourt and Franklin Road offices. She has been in the
Ophthalmology field for over 27 years. She has fit contact lenses, worked in corneal refractive and retina/glaucoma practices. Toni recently relocated back to Roanoke after several years in the Tidewater area. She is an ophthalmic technician as well as a licensed optician, with a subspecialty with contact lenses.

Kimberly Elston is the contact lens assistant at the 707 office. Kimberly is responsible for the ordering, receiving and distribution of contact lenses, scheduling appointments, customer service, inventory management, obtaining insurance authorizations and filing of insurance as well as the teaching of insertion and removal of the contact lenses.


Annette Scott works at the 707 downtown location and has been with Vistar Eye Center for 15 years. Annette fits soft and gas permeable contact lenses as well as multifocal and toric contact lenses. Annette also works with medically necessary contact lenses for keratoconus, irregular corneas, and post-surgical and scleral lens fittings.


Kim Thornburg is located at the Franklin Road office and works as the contact lens assistant. Kim, a licensed optician, is an integral part of the contact lens department by ensuring the insurance processes and procedures are up to date. Her duties also include the day to day responsibilities of ordering, receiving and distributing the contact lenses, scheduling, inventory management, scheduling and working directly with the patients.

Sandra Rigney is the contact lens assistant at the Salem and Botetourt locations. Sandra is a certified COA and brings to the contact lens department a wealth of clinical knowledge and perspective. Sandra understands the importance of making each patient feel special.


Sharon Knuth began her career in Richmond, Virginia and is an alumnus of J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. Sharon has a unique multi-talented professional background of 29+ years in contact lenses, optician, and Lasik technician. Her goal is to give patients the education and knowledge of her experience,for their best vision options.


Optical Staff

Tanisha Brown is an optical technician at the Botetourt office. She has been in the optical field for 8 years. Tanisha chose to be in the optical field because of her love for helping patients see clearly. Her specialty is giving patients the best vision and making sure they look good at the same time. Tanisha is currently in the optician’s apprenticeship program to obtain her optician’s license.


Ursula Hamilton has been working in the Optical Field for over 10 years and is located at the downtown office on Jefferson Street. Ursula is a native of Germany where she completed her apprenticeship and studies for her optician’s license before relocating to United States. Ursula’s passion for the optical field is extensive. She loves to help people see well, knows the reaction from a child seeing clearly for the first time is priceless. She will help people find the right solution for their vision needs. Ursula is also studying for her Virginia optician’s license.

Paula Denton is the lead optician at the Smith Mountain Lake office.  Paula has been in the optical business for 18 years.   Paula joined Vistar in 2008, helping to open the Smith Mountain Lake office in 2013. Paula has developed the skills for fitting specialty eyewear for task-specific duties such as shooting glasses and computer lenses for computer fatigue syndrome.  She has an impeccable eye for style and will work tirelessly to ensure that she helps each patient obtain the very best vision possible.

Stephanie DeMaurice has been in Optical business since 1990. Stephanie got interested in the optical industry because of her desire to learn more about vision problems. She has been a licensed optician since 1992 and has been with Vistar since 2013. Stephanie loves working with people and is excited about the knowledge she has gained from working with the doctors at Vistar.


Michael Robertson is a graduate of J. Sergeant Reynolds School of Opticianary in Richmond, VA where he earned an AAS degree in Opticianry. Mike is a licensed optician in three states and is a certified member/fellow in a number of the American Board of Opticianary, the National Academy of Opticianary, and the state Opticians Association(s) of Virginia, NC, and SC. He has been employed during the past thirty-four years by Vistar Eye Center. Mike currently practices geriatric opticianary at the Hershberger Road office, located in the Friendship Manor retirement community in Roanoke.

Carole Ferguson is the lead optician at the 707 South Jefferson offices. She began working for Gill Memorial and so enjoyed the business that she obtained her optician’s license and has been with the company for 34.5 years. Carole specializes in geriatric and special needs patients.


Laurie Lynch is the lead optician at the Franklin Road office with an optical career that has spanned 30 years. As with many opticians, Laurie has worked in all aspects of the optical field, from lab manufacturing to small independent optometrist and optical settings; she has been with Vistar since 2012. With her vast experience and knowledge, Laurie can ensure that all her patients will look and see their very best.


Betty Lawson is the lead optician at the Salem office. Betty started her career working for a wholesale optical lab before joining Vistar in 1987. She received her optician’s license in 1991 and has been providing Vistar’s patients with premium eyewear and stellar customer service ever since.


Gina Rexrode joined Vistar in 2014 after a long and successful career with Dr. David Armstrong, OD. Gina is a certified color consultant fitting patients with products that complement their skin, hair and eye color as well as the shape of their face. Gina prides herself on providing the very best in vision care and customer service.


Sherrie Scott is the Optical Services Manager at Vistar Eye Center and is also the department trainer. Sherrie has been with Vistar Eye for 15 years where she has worked tirelessly to establish a loyal patient following. Sherrie’s passion for her profession is only surpassed by her dedication to her patients. She will ensure that every pair of eyeglasses is exactly what the doctor ordered and to the patients’ satisfaction.


Suzanne Parrish is the optical technician at the Franklin Road office. Suzanne has been with Vistar since 2004 and joined the optical team in 2011. Suzanne’s experience on the clinical side of Vistar makes her the go-to person for insurance filing and applications. Suzanne’s enthusiasm for the new products on the market ensures that her patients will be up to date on everything that will help improve their vision and their look.