PogoCam mini camera and frames now available at select Vistar Eye Center locations!

What is PogoCam?

Capture photos and HD videos from your unique point of view. PogoCam™ attaches magnetically to the glasses you already own so you can keep your signature style. The small, light, easily removable camera won't get in your way as you record memories - and still stay in the moment. Images are easy to transfer and can be shared across all social sites. 

Small, Light, and Easy to Take On and Off


PogoCam is just 1.7in x .5in x .43in - which is smaller than a tube of lip balm. And it weighs just 0.2 ounces - less than two dimes. The camera won't weigh down your glasses, in fact, you won't even notice it's there. With PogoCam, your perspective will go where other cameras can't. Creativity is nearly limitless with an easily removable camera. 


HD Photos and Videos 

PogoCam takes 5MP photos and HD Videos (720p). The camera itself holds up to 100 photos or six 30-second videos before transferring. The pocket-sized smart case allows you to offload and store 16,000 photos or one-hundred and eighty 30-second videos. 

The PogoCam can be found at the following Vistar Eye locations:

Vistar Optical Salem
426 W. Main St.,
Salem, VA

Vistar Optical Botetourt
70 Summerfield Ct.,
Roanoke, VA