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Vistar's experienced contact lens staff will correctly fit your Vistar prescription with the latest in contact lens designs. Whether you are interested in disposable lenses that eliminate the need for nightly cleaning, color contacts to change your look, or multifocal contact lenses that can help you see at all distances: we can find the right fit for you!   Our highly trained contact lens technicians can also help fit contact lenses to address any unusual medical conditions.  And you can refill your prescription quickly and easily through our online store or at any of our offices. Vistar Eye Center can provide the correct products for your eye health!

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Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)

Are you frustrated with the eyesight you were born with? Do you feel like your vision is getting worse with time? Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), or Orthokeratology, is a non-surgical way to improve eyesight by using special contact lenses. Just like orthodontists use braces and retainers to restructure the mouth, ophthalmologists utilize CRT to gradually improve your eyesight. Get better vision without needing eyeglasses or contacts every day.

How Corneal Refractive Therapy Works

Therapeutic contact lenses are designed to gradually change the shape of the cornea to reduce moderate to severe near-sightedness. Unlike normal contact lenses, CRT contact lenses are not designed to match the cornea’s existing shape, but instead, apply gentle pressure to the center of the cornea. That pressure corrects extreme roundedness of the cornea, the cause of near-sightedness. CRT lenses are usually only worn overnight.

Who can benefit? CRT is an excellent option for:

  • Individuals with nearsighted vision
  • Individuals with astigmatism
  • Both adults and children

Results: CRT patients may start to see changes and improvements within hours or days of using their lenses. Significant improvements are usually noticed within 3 to 6months. Once maximum results are achieved, retainer lenses are worn periodically to maintain the new corneal shape. CRT is a corrective procedure. The frequency that patients wear their retainer lenses depends upon their unique eye health. Usually, it’s a short period of daily or weekly wearing time. Patients who do not follow their prescribed schedule of maintenance may have their previous vision return.

CRT is not for everyone, but talking to your Vistar Eye Center Orthokeratology Specialist is the first step to learning more about this treatment.

Medically Necessary Contact Lenses

What are non-elective (medically necessary) contact lenses?

Non-elective (medically necessary) contact lenses are prescribed by a doctor solely for purposes of correcting a specific medical condition, such as keratoconus or other conditions that prevent your vision from being corrected to a specified level of visual acuity using conventional eyeglasses. Choosing contacts over glasses for a standard prescription is considered elective/cosmetic.

Medically Necessary Contact Lenses

Medically necessary contact lenses are non-elective contact lenses prescribed when certain medical conditions hinder vision correction through regular eyeglasses. In other words, contact lenses are a medical necessity and the generally accepted standard of treatment. With some medical conditions, patients are unable to achieve a specified level of visual acuity or performance through regular eyeglasses. This results in the need for “medically necessary contact lenses”

Such medical conditions include:

  • Aphakia - the removal or absence of the lens of the eye(s) due to surgery, injury, or abnormality.
  • Anisometrophia – a refractive condition where the eyes have unequal focus or optical power
  • Keratoconus - an eye disease that causes structural damage to the eye’s cornea, changing from the normal, round shape to a bulging, cone shape.

Usually, the medically necessary contact lens benefit is greater than the elective contact lens benefit, and some vision plans will pay a benefit for medically necessary contact lenses even if the plan does not have elective contact lens coverage.

One of the biggest sources of confusion with vision plans relates to benefits for contact lenses and medically necessary contact lenses. If you are having trouble telling these two benefits apart, this explanation may improve your outlook.

Elective Contact Lenses

When a person requires vision correction, he or she often misinterprets a prescription as a medical necessity: “I have poor vision, and my eye doctor wrote the prescription for contact lenses, which improves my vision. Thus, my contact lenses are medically necessary.” Unfortunately, this is not quite right.

In most instances, one can receive vision correction through eyeglasses, contact lenses, or sometimes laser surgery. However, eyeglasses are considered the professional standard of care, providing an acceptable and cost-effective treatment. The other two options are elective and considered cosmetic, for this particular scenario and most others. Many vision plans include an elective contact lens benefit in lieu of eyeglasses, meaning you may choose to correct your vision with contact lenses instead of eyeglasses. So the correct interpretation of most vision correction prescriptions would be, “I have poor vision, and my eye doctor prescribed some type of vision correction to improve my eyesight. I chose the contact lens option instead of eyeglasses.”

We hope you can now see the difference between elective contact lenses and medically necessary contact lenses.


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