Cataract Center

Vistar Eye Center is proud to be a leader in delivering the life-changing procedure of cataract surgery to the community. You, the patient, can be assured that our cataract surgeons continually strive to offer you the highest quality and most advanced surgical technique.

Chad D. Albright, M.D.  Frank Cotter, M.D. David A. Kinsler, M.D. Scott A. Strelow, M.D. J. Stuart Tims, M.D. Karli S. Griffeth, M.D. Will D. Griffeth, M.D.

Cataracts Roanoke - Have you been diagnosed with a cataract or are experiencing a deterioration in your vision? Learn more about cataract surgery to help determine if cataract treatment is necessary for you. Vistar Eye Center your Salem cataract surgery and treatment specialists.