Vistar Insights

Halloween Eye Safety

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Halloween is in sight! It’s fun to dress up and go door to door for trick or treating, but remember to be careful. On all-hallows eve you don’t just have to be cautious not to trip over costumes or eat tainted candy. Each year, there are many reports of vision-related injuries caused by Halloween activities. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your eyes safe on this frightful night!

If you can’t see out of the mask, don’t wear it. Masks are a lot of fun, but some obstruct your view in such a way that compromises your safety. If you can’t find a mask that allows you to see effectively, consider face paint instead.

Apply makeup carefully. Be sure to avoid the eye area and use only hypo-allergenic options. Throw a damp towel in the bag you use for trick-or-treating or take with you to the party to clean up in case the makeup begins to run.

Avoid using sharp objects as props. You can carry a play sword as part of your character, just make sure its edges are dull. This will help keep your eyes and others safe from harm.

Stay away from off-brand color contact lenses. If the lenses have not been prescribed by a doctor, it’s hard to confirm that these contacts are safe to use. Improper use of cosmetic contact lenses can result in serious eye conditions, including conjunctivitis (pink eye), corneal scratches, bacterial infections, eye pain and even vision loss.

For more information on how to keep your eyes safe this Halloween, speak with one of the ophthalmologists at your nearest Vistar Eye Center.