Vistar Insights

Contact Lenses and Swimming

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Swimming is a great way to stay fit. Resistance from moving through the water shapes muscles almost effortlessly without too much pressure on your joints.

Chances are taking your contact lenses off to swim isn’t an option. For those who wear contact lenses, a good pair of goggles is especially crucial. Chlorine doesn’t just irritate. Prolonged exposure can cause temporary blindness! Micro-organisms in the water can attach themselves to contact lenses and cause infection. Goggles that fit well prevent these problems.

Goggles that fit properly rest comfortably on your bones with no visible gaps between the goggles and your face. Redness around your eyes after removal is a sign they do not fit properly.

A final option for contact lens wearers is prescription goggles. Ask your eye doctor about outfitting your favorite pair with prescription lenses.